Sunday, 13 November 2011

Winter Update

So I was handed this video by the Team GB biomechanic this week. It shows my race at the world champs in Daegu quite well so I thought I would share it.

The 2012 season training began in the first week of October and has been going well. I've recovered from the hamstring injuries I had during the past season so I'm really looking forward to the indoor season which begins at the end of January for me. I'm training so much harder this year and don't have the distractions of university anymore. It is so much easier to focus when running is the only thing on the mind.

Here in Britain the pressure on all of us to focus on London 2012 is building day by day but I love it. I have so much motivation at the moment so I can't wait for next year. We had a talk for Team GB last night by Michael Johnson who told us about all the pressures and expectations on athletes at a home Olympic Games. He said as long as we stick to our plans and are sensible, notably staying injury free, we will have a cracking chance to do well. Everyone is counting the days to selection on July 2nd 2012....if I keep it real I think I have a good chance of being competitive come selection day!

Over and out.

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