Monday, 25 June 2012

Next stop London 2012!!!!

Yesterday I achieved an automatic qualification place at the Aviva Olympic Trials to the XXXth Olympiad in London. The past few years have been a crazy mix of pain and jubilation. In 2008, the last Olympic year, I was 63rd in the UK with a personal best of 15.3 seconds for the 110m hurdles. That is now but a memory and I am running consistent 13.3s which tops the UK ranking lists for this year so far.

It is a dream come true to make the Olympic Games. I remember when London was announced as the host city back in 2005 and I thought how amazing it would be. I never believed I might contend a place to be there but it shows what can happen with a bit of luck, patience and an coach with the right knowledge. Malcolm Arnold, now Malcolm Arnold OBE for his services to Athletics, took me on in November 2008 when I was but a sapling of my current ability and stature. What he saw in me must have been seen with such an innate talent that I am sure all bookies would dream of having the foresight he has! Jason Gardener, my mentor, introduced me to Malcolm after my mother and I met him back in September 2008 and I am indebted to him for that.

Racing with the people I respect the most and have inspired me: William Sharman (L) and Andy Turner (R)

For me personally the Olympic Games will be the biggest moment of my life to date and will bring together the dedication, sacrifice, hard-graft and ambition that I have had burning in me since I was young boy. I have dreamt of being alongside athletes like Andy Turner and being able to challenge for the same ideals and prizes that my heroes of Colin Jackson and David Burghley aspired to and achieved. I hope that I will be able to do proud all those who have supported me this far.

The one thing I hope never to forget is what one of my relations said:

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Congratulations Lawrence. The two automatic spots couldn't have gone to two more deserving athletes than you and Mr Pozzi. I (like you in 2005) am dreaming of 2016 and both your achievements to date have given me the confidence and reassurance that I can make that a reality. Good luck. Jordan.